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Learn & Use Chinese Herbs, the healthy and effective way!

Natural Patent Herbal Formulas from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Smoker's Herbal Aroma Nasal Inhaler

inhaler bottle / $29.99
smoker's herbal aroma inhaler
shop smokers herbal aroma

This is our most stronger product to help you quit. Most smokers just need one bottle of the Herbal Inhaler to quit completely! 中文 Click for Chinese

PACKAGE: 3 ml herbal extract aroma liquid in a 5-6 ml inhaler Amber bottle (the bottle is 3/5-1/2 full), to guarantee you just smell the aroma, not inhale or sniff the liquid.

INGREDIENTS: Areca Nut, Chinese Ginseng, Chrysanthemum, Cinnamon Bark, Cordate Houttuynia, Dried Orange Peel, Gastrodia Elata, Japanese Honeysuckle Flower, Licorice, Lopanthus Rugosus, Peppermint, Pheretima Asiatica, Polygala, Prickly-Ash, Pseudoginseng, Woo-Long Tea, Food-grade Alcohol (<1%), Food-grade Essential Oil, Distilled Water.

DIRECTIONS: Just SMELL the aroma, not inhale or sniff the liquid. You don't need to open the stopper, just open the cap and smell directly. One bottle lasts about 1-2 weeks. One bottle is usually enough for one smoker to quit. Click for complete Instructions.

Sore Throat Sprayed Herbal Powder (Superior Sore Throat Powder, Hou Feng San)

one bottle / $6.99 (10-30% off if buy more)
sore throat herbal powder
shop sore throat herbal powder

PACKAGE: 2.2 gram powder in a inside a boxwith a formal pharmaceutical e-UPC bar code from China government. A new packaging from the same manufacturer is included a tiny tip to prevent blocked by the powder. Also called Superior Sore Throat Powder, Hou Feng Shan. Click for English label.

INGREDIENTS: Coptis root (Chinese goldenseal), Borneol, Licorice, Pigeon pea root, Pearl powder, Calculus bovis, Natural Indigo (Isatis pigment), sugar and so on.

INDICATIONS: Use for sore throat, gum or tongue soreness or ulcer from cold or flu, smoking or other minor infections

DIRECTIONS: Press the bottle and spray a little bit powder into mouth, keep the powder inside your mouth as long as possible.

"Thousands Flower" Herbal Oil

30 ml / $4.99
thousands flower herbal oil
shop thousands flower herbal oil

PACKAGE: 30 ml per bottle

INGREDIENTS: Camellia flower oil, Saflower oil, Hibiscus flower oil, Turpentine oil, Aloe etc.

DIRECTIONS: Externally used only for minor injures. It may be used as a substitute of the Haci Cupping Cream.

Magnet Herbal Plaster (MHP)

3 per pack / On Sale $0.75 per bag!
magnet herbal plasters
shop magnet herbal plaster

PACKAGE: 3 round pieces per package, self-adhesive


MHP II for breast: Magnetic powder, Musk, Chinese angelica, Trichosanthes peel, Curcuma root, Bupleurum root, Asparagus root, etc.

MHP III for stomach: Magnetic powder, Sandal wood, Cardamon, Finger citron, Cloves, Peony root, etc.

MHP V for sexual deficiency: Magnetic powder, Reishi (Ganoderma), Earthworm, Golden-eye grass, Chinese yam, Cynomorium, Cistanche, etc.

MHP VI for prostate: Magnetic powder, Corydalis tuber, Eupolyphaga, Costus root, Nutgrass, Burreed tuber, Curcuma zedoaria, etc.

MHP VII for upper respiratory problems, e.g. bronchitis, asthma, cold and flu: Magnetic powder, Earthworm, Salvia root, Cordyceps, Astragalus, Apricot seed, Pinellia, Hogfennel root, White mustard seed, Ephedra etc.

DIRECTIONS: Apply one piece on acupoint or sensitive point for 12-24 hours or up to 2-3 days if using additional bandage.

Yunnan Baiyao External Analgesic Herbal Plaster

Single patch Sealed $2.40 each 5 packs/box
yunnan baiyao herbal plaster
shop yunnan baiyao analgesic herbal plaster

From Wikipedia: Yunnan Baiyao is a hemostatic powdered medicine famous for being carried by the Vietcong to stop bleeding during the Vietnam War. The medicine, developed by Qu Huangzhang in 1902, is designated as one of two Class-1 protected traditional medicines, which gives it 20 years protection. In China, its reputation is

It's used for more than 100 years in China by may Chinese Gong-fu (Martial Art) masters for injuries, relieving pain and bleeding.

PACKAGE: 5 patches per package, 4 x 2.5 inches each, self-adhesive.

INGREDIENTS: Notoginseng root, Chinese Yam, Herba Geranii and so on (similar to Yunnan Baiyao Internal Herbal Formula), Menthol, Camphor, Rosin, Lanolin, Vaseline, Zinc oxide, rubber etc add into Yunnan Baiyao External Herbal Formula.

DIRECTIONS: Externally used only. Remove the paper or plastic cover and apply the patch to the point of ache. Each patch may be used up to 12 hours or longer. Wait for several hours before applying a new one if having sensitive skin.

701 Medicated Herbal Plaster (Dieda Zhengtong Yaogao)

701 跌打镇痛膏
4 pieces pack or roll of 157"
701 Herbal Plaster
shop tiger balm ointment

TCM Patent Herbal Formula for External Analgesic 

Active INGREDIENTS: Camphor 樟脑 3.1% Menthol 薄荷脑 8.0% Methyl salicylate 冬青油 (水杨酸甲酯) 10%

Herbal INGREDIENTS ( on a rubberized fabric backing): Baikal skullcap root (Huang Qin) 黄芩, Bushy knotweed root and rhizome (Hu Zhang) 虎杖, Chinese rhubarb root and rhizome (Da Huang) 大黄, Shiny bramble root (Liang Mian Zhen) 两面针

PACKAGE: 1. Small pack -4 pieces of plaster, 2.75 x 3.9 inches (7 x 10 cm) each; 2. Large pack in a can -roll of 3.9 x 157 inches (10 x 400 cm), it's equal to 57 piece of plaster (7 x 10 cm).

DIRECTIONS: You may use a standard size (7 x 10 cm) or cut it into a size fit your need, then apply it on painful area without broken skin. The patches have effects for several hours at least. This patches are thick and powerful but easy to cause skin rash sometimes. It's better to use it not more than 4-5 hours for a same area then take it off. Switch around the location of the patch each time to reduce the chance of skin irritation.

WARNING: Do not use if pregnant or nursing; Do not use on irritated or damaged skin, on wounds; Do not bandage it tightly; Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes; Do not use for babies or little kids.

Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao Expelling Extract Pills (Ligusticum Tea Pills, Chuanxiong Chatiao Wan)

200 teapills / bottle -$7.99 (10-30% off if buy more)
Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao Wanchuanxiong chatiao pills
shop smokers herbal aroma

PACKAGE: 200 very small pills (2.5 mm) per bottles. Manufacturer: Lanzhou Traditional Herbs GMP Certified Products, China.

INGREDIENTS: Ligusticum Wallichii rhizome (Chuan Xiong), Fragrant Angelica root (Bai Zhi), Notopterygium root & rhizome (Qiang Huo), Siler root (Saposhnikoviae root, Fang Feng), Schizonepeta aboveground parts (Jing Jie), Chinese Mint (Bo He), Chinese Licorice root (Gan Cao). Each serving provides 1280 mg herbal expelling extract (concentrated). Click for detail label.

DIRECTIONS: Take 8 small pills each time with warm water or light tea, 2-3 times daily.

ACTIONS: Classical formula since Song Dynasty (about 900 years ago) to disperse wind-cold and stop headaches.

INDICATIONS: 1. For common cold or flu with "Wind-Cold" symptoms, e.g. chill, low fever, running nose, nasal congestion with clear snivel, headache; As a basic formula, add other herbs for different kinds of headaches, included nervous headache.

PRECAUTIONS: Not for cold or flu and headache with high fever or nasal congestion with thick and yellow or green snivel; Not recommended for headache due to high blood pressure or hyper-ascendant Liver Yang, or chronic deficiency. (See the bottom of page for General Precautions)

San Ju Gan Mao Tablets (San Ju Yin Qiao Tablets, Sanju Ganmao Pian, Chrysanthemum Yin-Qiao)

60 tablets / bottle -$8.75 (10-30% off if buy more)
San Ju Gan Mao Piansanju ganmao pian
shop smokers herbal aroma

PACKAGE: 60 un-coated tablets per bottles. Manufacturer: Lucky Mart, Inc. California, Made in USA, LW (Lao Wei) brand, All natural ingredients and No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives Guaranteed!

INGREDIENTS: Chrysanthemum (Ju Fua) 360 mg, White Mulberry leaf (San Yie) 350 mg, Reed rhizome (Lu Gen) 280 mg, Platycodon (Ju Gang) 280 mg, Forsythia (Lian Qiao) 220 mg, Coptis rhizome (Huang Lian) 180 mg, Honeysuckle (Jin Yin Fua) 180 mg, Mint (Buo He) 150 mg. Other Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate (to make tablets). Click for detail label.

DIRECTIONS: Take 3-4 tablets each time with water, 2-3 times daily.

ACTIONS: Classical formula since Qing Dynasty (about 200 years ago) to cleanse the Lungs, disperse wind-heat and cough, anti-inflammation effects similar to Yin-Qiao.

INDICATIONS: 1. For common cold or flu with "Wind-Heat" symptoms, e.g. thirsty, low or higher fever, running nose, nasal congestion with thick, yellow or green snivel, headache; 2. As a basic formula, add other herbs for bronchitis, cough and other body heat symptoms.

PRECAUTION: Not for Wind-Cold symptoms. (See the bottom of page for General Precautions)

Bao Ji Wan (Wanglaoji Digestion Support, Po Chai Pills, Curing Pills, Kang Ning Wan)

20 vials / box -$9.99 (10-30% off if buy more)
bao ji wanbao ji wan
buy Bao Ji Wan

PACKAGE: 20 vials per box, 3700 mg of very small pills (2 mm) in each vial, Net Wt. 74 g (2.61 oz). Manufacturer: Guangzhou Wanglaoji Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, China. One of the most famous brand for Chinese patent herbal products.

INGREDIENTS: (Propriety blend 3.7g per vial in total) Uncaria rhynchophylla (Gou Tang), Chrysanthemum (Gu Hua), Trichosanthes (Tian Hua Feng), Chinese Mint (Bo He), Rice Seed (Gu Ya), Tribulus (Ji Li), Tangerine (Chen Pi), Massa Medicada Fermentata (Guang Dong Shen Qu), Poria sclerotium (Fu Ling), Kudzu root (Ge Geng), Job’s tears seed (Yi Ren), Patchouli above ground parts (Huo Xiang), Magnolia bark of stem, twig and root (Hou Pu), Cang-Zhu Atractylodes rhizome (Qang Shu), Fragrant angelica root (Bai Zhi). Other Ingredients: Talc, Dextrin, FD&C Red No. 40. Click for detail label.

DIRECTIONS: Take 1/2 to 1 vial (1.85-3.70 g) each time, 1-4 times daily if necessary.

ACTIONS: A very famous Chinese patent herbal formula since 1896 (Qing Dynasty) for quick relief of acute gastrointestinal discomforts. This is a "Must Have" home remedy for most Chinese families and strongly recommended to take along with your travel.

INDICATIONS: 1. For stomach cold or flu with symptoms, e.g. chill, low fever, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea or loose stool; 2. Upset in stomach caused by over-eating, over-drinking, wrong food intake and car or air motion sickness.

PRECAUTION: Not recommended to use for serious upset stomach, vomiting, and non-stop diarrhea caused by acute gastrointestinal infectious disease. (See the bottom of page for General Precautions)

Click for More Chinese Herbal Formulas for Cold & Flu.

Disclaimer: Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas have been used for centuries and knowledge of their special properties has been collected throughout many ages. But we don't recommend use of herbs as a complete substitute for regular diagnosis or medical care which you should ask your medical doctors.
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