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Chrono Acupuncture Mid-Night Ebb-Flow ( Zi Wu Liu Zhu) Calendar for 6 months.

Chrono Acupuncture-- a Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Theory, also called Circadian Acupuncture, Zi Wu Liu Zhu or Midnight-Noon Ebb-Flow (MNEF) acupuncture. The calculations to find out an opened acupoint by bio-clock (circadian hours) are complex, but our Dr. Wu's Practical Midnight-Noon Ebb-Flow (MNEF) Acupuncture Acupoint Calendar makes it much easier because Dr. Wu, a Chinese doctor, has done all calculation works for you already!

You Can learn the Chrono acupuncture the Simple Way! No matter whether you are a health professional or a beginner, learn and use the Eight Hui Converging Acupoints of this Chrono Biological Acupuncture System! We have all graphics on our website to show you locations of these acupoints.

No 14 Meridians! No 300-400 Acupoints! No Giant Textbook! No 5-10 Anatomic Charts! No long-term programs! Use 8 Hui Acupoints and cover more than 90% of the acupuncture treatment for health problems!

To read or print the Complete Instructions for How to Use our Chrono Acupuncture Calendar and for more detail information, please click the Link "visit this product's webpage" below.

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