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stop smoking herbs

Natural Patent Herbal Formulas from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Smoker's Herbal Aroma Nasal Inhaler

inhaler bottle / $29.99
smoker's herbal aroma inhaler
shop smokers herbal aroma

This is our most stronger product to help you quit. Most smokers just need one bottle of the Herbal Inhaler to quit completely! 中文 Click for Chinese.

PACKAGE: 3 ml herbal extract aroma liquid in a 5-6 ml inhaler Amber bottle (the bottle is 3/5-1/2 full), to guarantee you just smell the aroma, not inhale or sniff the liquid.

INGREDIENTS: Areca Nut, Chinese Ginseng, Chrysanthemum, Cinnamon Bark, Cordate Houttuynia, Dried Orange Peel, Gastrodia Elata, Japanese Honeysuckle Flower, Licorice, Lopanthus Rugosus, Peppermint, Pheretima Asiatica, Polygala, Prickly-Ash, Pseudoginseng, Woo-Long Tea, Food-grade Alcohol (<1%), Food-grade Essential Oil, Distilled Water.

DIRECTIONS: Just SMELL the aroma, not inhale or sniff the liquid. You don't need to open the stopper, just open the cap and smell directly. One bottle lasts about 1-2 weeks. One bottle is usually enough for one smoker to quit. Click for complete Instructions.

Golden Herbal Lozenges

Golden lozenges
buy golden herbal lozenges
12 per box / $7.99

PACKAGE: 12 large lozenges. One box contains 2 blister packs, each pack contains 6 large pieces of herbal lozenges. Each piece may last about 15 minutes.

INGREDIENTS: Buddha's Fruit (arhat fruit, Luo Han Gua) 1.7 mg, Honeysuckle Flower (Jin Yin Hua) 16 mg, Tangerine peel (Jug Hong) 1.7 mg, Star Anise oil 0.18 mg, Eucalyptus oil 3 mg, Peppermint Oil 6 mg, sugar 2 g.

DIRECTIONS: Adults and children 6 years older, take one lozenge, several times per day if necessary. Hold in mouth and let dissolve. Click for detail.

Golden Herbal Lozenges is formulated by Biological Prof. Wang Yaodong of Shanghai Huadong Normal University, a well-known brand in China. It is good for smokers and non-smokers both with throat disorder or horse voice, Itchy Throat and so on.

West Lake Smoker's Herbal Green Tea

west lake herbal teawest lake smokers herbal green tea
buy west lake herbal tea
8 teabags / $6.99

PACKAGE: Patent Chinese Herbal Formula (Previous name used: West Lake Tea -Smoking Quiter Support). Box of 8 teabags. No Caffeine, No Preservatives.

INGREDIENTS: Chinese green tea, Lotus seed, Chinese Asparagus, Chinese Ginseng Leaf. The green tea is from Tianmu Mountain of Hangzhou where is one of the most famous area for green teas in China.

DIRECTIONS: Add hot water to brew one teabag for 1-2 minutes, add more hot water to make 2nd or 3rd cup of tea until no tasting. For cleansing or weight controlling, you may take it before or after quitting.

Anti-Smoke Herbal Patches

Anti-Smoke Herbal Patches
shop Anti-Smoke Herbal Patches
30 patches per box/ $9.99 Wholesale 50% off

INGREDIENTS: Codonopsis pilosula (Dang Shen) 党参, Chrysanthemum flower 菊花, Cloves 丁香, Menthol 薄荷醇, Natural tobacco leaf (All Chinese herbal natural contents, included 0.7% natural tobacco leaf).

PACKAGE: Size 5 x 5 cm (2 x 2"); 5 patches in single wrapped foil bag, 6 bags per box, 30 patches in total, Houde Hanfang brand. (More package picture)

DIRECTIONS: Directions:  (Click for more detail)
1. Remove the protective paper, paste a patch on wrist or arm usually, or other cleaned upper inner parts of body, such as thigh, hip.
2. Supply one Anti-Smoke Patch on one hand per day, for 14 consecutive days. It may need longer for some smokers.

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